Extractor Cleaning Images CSA Hygiene Commercial Cleaning is a company which operates to industry leading standards. We can provide a number of highly specialised cleaning services, which includes complete kitchen cleaning services and extraction system maintenance (Extractor Fans, Duct Work, Kitchen Canopy Cleaning and Filter Systems). We have considerable knowledge and experience in maintaining extraction systems holding several major national bar, restaurant and hotel chains in Llanelli, Swansea, Carmarthen, Cardiff and throughout South Wales. Kitchen extraction systems which are not cleaned regularly can pose a serious fire hazard and not cleaning and maintaining your system could mean that your insurance policy does not cover you in case of a kitchen fire – filters alone CANNOT eliminate all the vaporised grease that commercial cooking causes. These greasy residues then condense and build up on the canopy plenum, duct and fan surfaces. This is why it is advised to use a professional cleaning service, not only will you have the assurance that your system is thoroughly cleaned but your extraction system may also run more effectively as a result. To ensure that 100% of the extraction ducting can be maintained and cleaned thoroughly, you must have the appropriate means to access all of the ducting. We can fit access hatches which will not affect the performance of the system, which can be fitted quickly and with very little mess. The importance of regularly cleaning your ventilation systems can not be overlooked.
  • 70% of Fires Can Originate in Faulty Ventilation due to Fat & Grease Build up.
  • Smoke and Fire Gases Can Spread
Hatch and Panel installation should only be carried out by qualified technicians. We are fully certified kitchen cleaners, with the added benefit of being qualified to carry out maintenance on your extraction systems. Our standard maintenance contract for ducting systems is fully recognised by the insurance industry, achieving the safety standard required to reduce fire risk.

Extraction System Maintenance.

We can install access hatches with panel doors, no matter where your extraction is placed. Its a quick and clean process which we guarantee will not affect your busy kitchen. After the Kitchen Filters Systems are installed, you'll have the peace of mind that your ventilation system is no longer a fire risk, will be cleaned to a shine and is also working to its full potential. In addition you will have the added benefit of:
  • Complete Compliance with Health and Safety Regulations
  • Improved Standards of Hygiene
  • Vastly Improved Smoke and Odour Removal
  • Regular Kitchen Filter Maintenance / Cleaning and Replacement
  • Unobtrusive Access Panels Throughout Your Duct System
  • Post Service Certification


Filter & Canopy Cleaning ImagesThe first defense in the extractor system is the grease filter. A commercial kitchen extractor hood is designed to extract fumes and heat from your kitchen, it will need grease filters to do its job properly. Their primary function is to reduce grease traveling from the cooking area up into the extract duct. It is essential to regularly maintain and replace grease filters in order to prevent the danger of equipment breakdown and an outbreak of fire. Our specialists will take out and degrease all the filters in order to clean them properly. Grease filters will need a thorough deep clean to keep the equipment working at maximum efficiency. Despite regular cleaning, the efficiency of grease filters will decline in line with their use, and will need to be replaced. CSA Hygiene can fully assist you in this case as well. We can provide and fit a wide selection of new grease filters for your kitchen extractor hood at reasonable prices. The benefits of using our service:
  • Regular cleaning of filters reduces soiling of the extract system which may reduce the frequency of full system cleans
  • The strength of the air flow is maintained with clean filters
  • Fire risk is reduced with regular cleaning
  • Relieves the burden on your staff


Duct Cleaning Images Grease accumulation in extraction systems (invariably linked to catering and cooking facilities) present a significant fire hazard if not cleaned. It is not unusual for grease extract duct work to run through an entire building to reach a roof level exhaust, thereby putting the whole building and its occupants at risk in the event of fire. Thorough, professional duct cleaning to remove all fire hazardous grease deposits from the internal surfaces of the duct work is essential. At a recent seminar a fire authority representative stated "Uncleaned grease extract ventilation systems present probably the greatest potential fire risk in buildings with catering facilities". The Fire Safety Order requires owners and managers of buildings to ensure the Grease Extract System is included in the Fire Risk Assessments and action taken to eliminate any potential fire risk.
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